Saturday, October 9, 2010

Energy Efficient Techniques For Drying Clothes

The city electric company of Seattle, Seattle City Light provides customers with a history of electric use for a home owner that compares the performance of 100 similar neighbors and the best neighbor from the  100.  Late last year my energy use exceeded the average of my 100 similar neighbors and exceeded my best neighbor by a significant amount.   So I began to look at ways to significantly reduce my electric usage.  At about this time the Wall Street Journal had an article about the energy costs of drying clothes.  I started experimenting with drying my clothes on improvised racks, doors, open drawers and clothes hangers, etc.  Eventually on a store bought rack and eventually on an outdoor clothesline.  The results were a significant reduction in electrical use.  From this experience came a paper that describes this journey and that includes ideas collected from friends and interested persons and literature information on the costs of mechanical drying of clothes.

Click to download the Clothesline Paper

Please feel free to add you comments about natural clothes drying and share you experiences.  Please note that bad experiences and as important to the blog as good experiences.

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